A Fun and Funky Hair Piece

My last post mentioned that I had recently purchased some hemp and plastic hair pins. Well, I present to you the love child of that shopping trip: A fun and funky hair piece! (I apologize for poor image quality, I don’t have a camera so I’ve been using my iphone.)

This is one of the easiest crafts I’ve ever done and really just involves some tedious braiding.

What you need:
– A plastic hair pin
– Hemp
– E6000

I cut each piece of my hemp the length of my arms, from finger tip to finger tip. Then I taped it to my laptop in order to braid and watch TV at the same time. I suggest doing this as braiding can get tedious.

Next I put E6000 on the back of the pin and wrapped the braided hemp around the pin.

And there you have it! Just about the easiest (and cutest) hair piece craft!


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