Upper Finger Rings

I love rings. They can be any shape or size or color. Lately I’ve been drooling over ‘upper finger rings’. I imagine they have a more elegant name than this but I, sadly, don’t know it. While I normally am partial to large gaudy rings, I am completely in love with how delicate these rings are. And they still manage to have a hint of an edgy vibe to them, which fits in with my style taste perfectly!

I just got my very own ring in the mail. It’s surprisingly comfortable and I often forgot I’m even wearing it. I wear a size 8 ring on my middle finger so I got this upper ring in a size 4 and it’s a perfect fit! I would recommend everyone to buy one and if you simply search etsy for size 4 rings I’m sure you can find a very cheap one!


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A Fun and Funky Hair Piece

My last post mentioned that I had recently purchased some hemp and plastic hair pins. Well, I present to you the love child of that shopping trip: A fun and funky hair piece! (I apologize for poor image quality, I don’t have a camera so I’ve been using my iphone.)

This is one of the easiest crafts I’ve ever done and really just involves some tedious braiding.

What you need:
– A plastic hair pin
– Hemp
– E6000

I cut each piece of my hemp the length of my arms, from finger tip to finger tip. Then I taped it to my laptop in order to braid and watch TV at the same time. I suggest doing this as braiding can get tedious.

Next I put E6000 on the back of the pin and wrapped the braided hemp around the pin.

And there you have it! Just about the easiest (and cutest) hair piece craft!

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Shopping is Good for the Soul

I just went on an amazing shopping trip with my roomie where I, admittedly, spent way too much money yet I feel better than ever! I think it’s impossible not to feel good after shopping, hence retail therapy, am I right? Anyway I’m so excited about my purchases that I’d like to share my haul with all of you!

So we first went to the local thrift store (my favorite place)! Here I found not only four pairs of some awesome vintage looking earrings, but I also managed to snag five plastic hair pins. I’ve had some craft projects I’ve been itching to do that involve hair pins so you can be sure that those will be coming soon! Then we went to Hoppy Lobby where I got some pretty hemp to wrap around one of the pins, perhaps a nice April 20th celebration piece?

Our last stop was Target because, let’s be real, no shopping trip is completely without a Target run. Here I got two fashion pieces I’ve been LUSTING after. First was a wicker fedora and second was OPI’s San Tan-tonio nude nail polish. Finally owning these things feels so good! You can only lust after something for so long before you just need them. To top it all off I found a (super) over-sized boyfriend tee for only $8. I’ve been obsessed with this color orange for a few weeks now so this was the icing on the cake of a great day!

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A Cheap and Easy Craft

I woke up this morning feeling very crafty! Though, being the broke college student that I am, I’m on a strick crafting budget (cause let’s face it, crafting isn’t ALWAY a cheap hobby). So I was ecstatic when I logged on to Craftgawker and found this simple and easy craft. Not only am I obsessed with making rings, but I had all the supplies needed and I can easily add my own twist to this DIY!

How did I do this? I’ll show you!

What you need:
– Two Pennies
– One Quarter
– A Ring Base (From my crafting experience those are best purchased in bulk through here)
– Acrylic Paint in Any Colors
– E6000
– Clear Acrylic Coating, I used high gloss but that’s a preference (Not Pictured)

First I painted the coins. I painted the quarter one color, since it will be the base, and then painted the pennies a different color. It took about an hour for them to dry and I soon realized how easy it was to scrap the paint from the coins. So I coated each one in clear acrylic coating.

After the coating dried I used my E6000 glue to secure the pennies on the quarter where I wanted them to be. Next I glued the quarter to my ring base and allowed that to dry.

Voila! You have a cheap, easy, and awesome ring. The best part is that this ring looks so great no one will know how easy it is to make, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends!


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Tumblr Inspiration

I use to have a tumblr and was absolutely in love with it. So much so that I decided I would be better off without one, however, I still have a blank one that I use just to follow the blogs I love. Recently I found this tumblr, which was an instant follow for me. I love the feel of all the images and how they all are different yet seem to fit together perfectly.

I don’t know where I will use the inspiration that I got from these, but I’m hoping it can be channeled into an upcoming craft project (because I do LOVE my crafts).

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